Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Best Haul Ever!!!

Hey! So today my mother and I decided to go to T.K Maxx and spend a LOT. I'm just gong to post pictures of the products we got and my thoughts on them.
The first thing I got was a trunk like box. I saw the most amazing Box Seat Storage but the price Tag meant I unfortunately could not get it. I compromised and decided to get a smaller cardboard type one.

I still think it is beautiful and the size is good for fitting stuff in- not too big or small. The style is almost vintage and I know this sounds weird but the latch is just amazing! There are handles either side making it is to carry. This cost £12.99.

The next thing I got was a new bag. I'm going to use this for school because it is the perfect size. It is from a brand called Bessie I think and I absolutely love it. It is my first Hand Bag type bag but it also has straps you can add to make it a Side Bag. It feels like really good quality and quite sturdy. The only bad thing about this bag for me is the zip does not go all the way across so my work could get wet!

Inside the bag is a removable padded kind bag which is perfect for makeup/ toiletries or just things you want to keep separate. A small purse also comes with it but I won't put anything in this whole I am at school because I would be worried someone would open it as it is on the outside.

I also got two notebooks, one lined and one plain paper. The first one is green and has inspirational things to live by like "Be happy" and "Count your blessings". The paper inside is also green and I really like the elastic strap that keeps it closed. This was £3.99 which is good because I usually spend a Lott more on notebooks! The second has a grey leather outside which is so soft and bendy. This also has an elastic strap which I love. Inside there is good quality paper - not the cheap almost see-through kind. This was £7.99 which is reasonable! 

This is all I got this time, my mum spent a lot more than me so I couldn't buy a lot. I'm really happy with what I got and I realized how much I love T.K Maxx and I will definitely go in again! 

Thanks for reading,
Emily x

Saturday, 23 August 2014

The best Scone recipe ever!

You're going to need:

  • 225g  self raising flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 55g butter
  • 25g caster sugar
  • 150ml  milk
  • 1 free-range egg

Here we go...

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 220c (I did mine on 180 because I have a fan oven) or 425f.
  2. Use some butter lightly grease a baking tray or use some grease proof paper 
  3. Put the butter and flour into a bowl and mix. This means rub it between your fingertips until it resembles breadcrumbs.
  4. Add the sugar and then the milk and stir to get a soft dough.
  5. Put a few pinches of flour onto your worktop and knead the dough lightly. This just helps to add more air to your dough and make the scones more fluffy. I find it best to pat the dough down and not roll as this would get rid of the air you've just put in. I made the dough 2cm thick and cut out as many 'scones' as I could.
  6. I then re-patted the remaining mixture and cut out more and repeated this until I used it all up
  7. Crack your egg and beat it! To do this just grab and fork and stir until the yolk and white are mixed together.
  8. Use the egg to glaze the scones. I didn't have a brush so I just used the back of a spoon.
  9. Place your scones in the oven for 15 minutes but check on them regularly after about 10 minutes
  10. Remove from the oven when they have risen and are golden
  11. leave on the tray or a cooling rack so they can cool

I hope you try this recipe and if you i have a few tips and ideas for you...

  • As much as you will want to tuck straight into these delicious treats, I would recommend you leave them until they are fully cooled before you enjoy them. This gives the ingredients a chance to settle. 
  • Whisk up some cream (or just buy it whipped already) and get some jam and make the best ever Cream Tea
  • Add some more flavour into your scones by maybe throwing some cheese, fruit zest or raisins into the mixture
Thanks for reading,
Emily x 

Friday, 22 August 2014

No.7: Instant Radiance Foundation!

So today I'm going to review the No7 Instant Radiance Foundation and I own the shade Cool Vanilla. The packaging is plastic which I don't think is usual for a foundation. This has pro's (it can be cleaned easily and won't break in your bag) and con's (it feels quite cheap) however the packaging has no reflection what so ever on the product. 
The foundation only costs £12.50 which is amazing for what you get! I use the foundation almost daily and it has last me around 3 months so far and I have loads left. The colour suits my skin perfectly because I got a colour test ( which is free) so I would definitely recommed a trip to Boots. 
The texture of the product is very smooth and it blends perfectly into your skin. The purpose of the foundation is to give your skin a more radiant look ( obviously Emily!) and to get rid of tired and stressed looking skin. 
On your skin, it feels very moisturizing and not heavy at all. It almost feels more like a BB cream with lots a coverage. What I like about this foundation is that it just looks like a better version of your skin. It doesn't completely cover your skin and make you colourless, it just reduces redness and blemishes and makes you glow. I would say the finish is dewy but if you prefer a matte look then a bit of powder will do the trick! 
Thanks for reading, 
Emily x

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Rimmel London: Salon Pro Nail Varnish Line

Hey! So today I'm going to be reviewing the Salon Pro Varnishes and in particular the shade 444 Seduce by Kate Moss.
I received this varnish as a birthday gift and was very impressed. The packing is lovely; the shape and style of the bottle is very convincing and looks great! The size is also good because it has a lot of product in (12ml)  but it's not too big.

The brush makes applying this varnish easy because it is quite wide so you can cover a lot of your nail with one sweep. The size of the lid adds to the ease of use because it is big enough to get a good hold on. 

The colour is very strong even after just one coat so you could definitely get away with one coat. The finish you get is very shiny because it is an almost gel like consistency. The bottle claims that this varnish is chip resistant for 10 days so I will update this post day by day about the wear. 
Shade 444 is a dark purple colour which is just amazing. It makes your hands look quite tanned and doesn't drain the colour put of you. If I could change one thing about this product though it would be that the brush doesn't collect as much product because this makes it hard to apply it without getting it on your skin. 

Day 1: The varnish hasn't chipped yet or faded which is good because it is only the first day. 
Day 2: The varnish at the top of my nail has slightly chipped but not too bad. 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Rimmel London: Wake Me Up concealer!

Today I'm going to review the Rimmel London: Wake me up concealer! 
The packaging is very convenient- it's a great size just to put in your bag or pocket even. It  looks nice and compact but the cylinder shaped bottle makes it hard to get the last bits of product out. 

The product itself is great. It gives quite a matte finish but the 'sparkle' helps to make you look more 'awake'. When it comes blemishes, I would say that more than one layer is needed to give enough coverage. At first, I avoided applying it to spots as it thought the light colour I bought might highlight them but I now know that that isn't the case. I have worn this product with and without foundation and it is very versatile. It can be worn under and on top of foundation but also on its own and as a highlight. The shades that are available range from ivory to soft beige. I own Ivory, Soft beige and one other which the name has rub off on. The one I don't know the name seems to be a lighter shade than the one I now use, ivory. I'm guessing it is the True Ivory, however on the boots website the lightest shade is Ivory. The lighter shades are great highlights because they have a nice shine. The reason I own soft beige, even though it is too dark, is because inthe bottle the product look the same. There is little difference in the shades and I didn't notice until I was home that soft beige was actually 3 shades too dark. 

I think this product works well under the eyes as well as covering blemishes and as a highlight under the brows. It is also very easy to apply and smooth on the skin. It blends easily so when you wear it without foundation you can't tell where the line between where you wear concealer and where you don't.
I highly recommend this product and the only downside for me is the flaws of the packaging. 
Thanks for reading, 
Emily x